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Painting Performance

On Wednesday September 9th, 2020 I participated in the second season opening show of the "Gluey Zoomy Show" that streams on Zoom with a painting performance. My result is this painting.

The core of the show was facilitated by Carrie and Joel with a performance by their band "Hot Glue & the Gun" (IG: @hotglueandthegun). Their show features topical banter and performances which included a:

* poetry reading

* puppet show (of course)

* a catchy song titled "ain't gonna be pretty" (IG: @hotglueandthegun)

- A song reminding us that we are all going to die.

* hot glueing fan memorabilia to a board

* a bust-it-out flash dance party that anyone attending could participate via streaming

To complete the show there was a:

* musical performance and educational video concerning "broccoli rabe" by the the band "Youth Moose".

* An astounding performance by "Tony Burnett", a fortune teller.

* And a painting performance by myself

The "Hot Glue and the Gun Show" is a trippy show for adults that has a vibe of an off-the-rails childrens show akin to Mr. Rodger's coming down from an acid trip. The result is a post-millennial generational experience that is current, quirky, alluring and encapsulates the many interests, talents, needs and possibilities that lay dormant inside our post millennial culture. Artist, musician, poet, chef, fortune teller, quirky, edgy, slightly dark, cute as a kitten and exquisitely spicy.

Thank you to Carrie and Joel and their "Gluey Zoomy Show for brining hot-glue to to our quiet comfortable lives and injecting Wednesday nights between 8:00 - 9:00 pm with a delectable disrupting energy.

The painting I created during the "Gluey Zoomy Show" is posted above. My strategy for this painting was to make a composite portrait of all the show participants using the framework of El Greco's painting of a "Nobleman".

I started the piece during the pre-show preparations at approximately 7:15pm. Capturing screenshots of the participants, asking them to pose for me, and also doing some drawings of them. I began laying out the image on the 22x28" canvas just before the show started at 8:00 pm; and completed the painting by the end of the show. I used 17 different brushes, at least 15 colors, two arms, fingers, my mind, and passion. I work intuitively and let the image lead me to it's conclusion.

The result is a Fauve interpretation of El Greco's masterpiece inspired by the energy of the participants of the show. That encapsulates flourishes of Velazquez and Manet.

It was a great experience to participate in Carry and Joel's show vision with talented guests that I will always feel a connection to as a result of this experience.

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