Artist Statement

Instagram Practice

As part of my “Series 1, Haiku Paintings” art-making practice, I began taking many photographs for reference that included: 

a. artwork
b. people, architecture, objects or places
c. Instagram screen captures 

Instagram Art Making Practice:


While observing Instagram I noticed the use of collages comprised of various images. Upon investigating further, I found an application that could allow me to create photo collages on my phone from photographs in my digital picture library.

During some downtime at Art Basel, Miami Beach 2016, I began to create photo collages of photographs I had taken during my stay.

Having an affinity for the combination of images in my "Series 1" paintings that were underway, I began utilizing the digital image collage application to combine and juxtapose digital images and create unique image combinations.


All of the images are created on my Apple iPhone using the native Instagram image posting editor tools.

Thereby my Instagram practice of making art as defined by my postings is derived from my Series 1 paintings.

My Instagram practice of art-making exists as one of my unique art-making practices.

Instagram Titles:


After receiving feedback following several postings of my Instagram images, a suggestion was made that I should title these pieces.


From that day forward I titled the pieces with the date they were created.


The names associated with the titles are mainly my poems or statements that are inspired by the unique image I created.



I make a great effort to attribute all images that I screen captured from Instagram. Attributing them to who posted the image, the creator of the source image, and the related names of the people, institutions or places the image captures.

Instagram Art Making Practice Intent:


It is my intent to show my unique Instagram artwork constructions, either as a sequential feed or as standalone displayed images in a gallery setting.


They stand as original artwork, with the accompanying attribution detail.