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Artist Statement

Organics Series 1 & 2

The "Organics" series are formalist dialogues of figure and ground relationships in context to the limitations and expansive possibilities of creating images on two-dimensional surfaces.

This series is an exploration of this relationship and is inspired by synthetic cubism as they explore the form and ground spatial themes. Discovering and attempting to resolve pictorial problems via the synthesis of the melding of these two dimensions. 

A theme within the Organics series is exploration of pictorial space defined as: 

  • background = infinity

  • foreground = the here and now

  • middle ground = interplays and sometimes connects infinity to the present


Each of these three pictorial dimensions can serve the role of noun, adjective or verb depending on the context and objective of the work.

The interplay of these three domains enables painterly explorations, discovery, and dialog with the painting, art history and myself as I attempt to resolve the pictorial challenges presented.

In the time of quarantine in 2020 during the Covid-19  pandemic, most of us were forced to exist in one place.

Limiting interactions with those in our immediate living circle. Being self-aware created opportunities for self-realization, self-love, self-tolerance and personal growth for us and our circle. Ideally making our immediate world more beautiful than it was before.


Now as we are prioritizing and planning to embrace again our former friends and lives in our Post-Covid-19 existence. We do so with the deeper understanding and beauty that we discovered while in quarantine.

The "Organics" series expand on experiences and spaces whose shapes transcend the material and seek to share a found comfort and tolerance of self and for our community. 


It is my aspiration that the "Organics" series find homes where they  can contribute to awareness, love, beauty, and the transcendental purpose and harmony we found;  during our quarantine and with our soon-to-be Post-Covid-19 selves. 

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