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"Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea" 

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The title of the exhibition at AQUA ART MIAMI 2002 featuring the works of Benito Esquenazi. 

Opens November 30th through December 4th

“We do not always create ‘works of art,’ but rather experiments; it is not our ambition to fill museums: we are gathering experience."   

—Josef Albers

The artworks exhibited have been created over the past two years and

explore various mythological, psychological, and social themes that ultimately form the following series:

These kinetic works, characterized by a lyrical dynamism, exude a spirit of celebration, vitality, and hope that is echoed throughout the show.

In his commitment to vitality in the midst of unrest, Esquenazi attempts to express in these series with newfound purpose; and in doing so establishes a symbiotic relationship between form and psyche.

Esquenazi's interactive sculpture "You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold" (The WiG) is featured in the Aqua lobby with his paintings and drawings exhibited in an Aqua gallery suite.

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