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“Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea”

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

An Exhibition of Works by Artist Benito Esquenazi

Aqua Art Miami 2022

1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach Florida 33139

Opens November 30th through December 4th

“We do not always create ‘works of art,’ but rather experiments; it is not our ambition to fill museums: we are gathering experience.” —Josef Albers

The artworks exhibited have been created over the past two years. These pieces explore various mythological, psychological, and social themes that ultimately form the series of:

These kinetic works, characterized by a lyrical dynamism, exude a spirit of celebration, vitality, and hope that is echoed throughout the show.

In his commitment to vitality in the midst of unrest, Esquenazi attempts to express in these series with newfound purpose; and in doing so establishes a symbiotic relationship between form and psyche.


You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold

This work will be featured in the Aqua Art Miami 2022 lobby.

The interactive sculpture, “You are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold” (endearingly called “The WiG” by the artist) is the only sculpture in the artist’s “Joy of Life” series.

The Wig inspires the reminder that “...a life of joy begins with self-love & self-acceptance.” When a person steps on "The WiG," the system captures the price of gold in that instant, and then translates the person's weight to their worth in gold.

The intrinsic message is that a person's “whole (or sum) is greater than their parts.” Or stated another way, "You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold."

As Esquenazi says,

This a "Body Positivity Transformation Machine.”

While “The WiG” focuses on an outside-in approach, Esquenazi's painting, “The Voyage of the Hero” is the inside-out approach.

Inspired by the writing of Joseph Campbell, who recalls the voyage of the hero (us) in our metaphysical journey of transformation on the road to self-mastery.

"Voyage of the Hero" (2021, 48"x72", acrylic on canvas) depicts two figures representing the same person.

In this fable, we observe the hero in their quest to come to terms with their ego.

This work will hang next to “The WiG” in the Aqua Art Miami 2022 lobby.


MyWiG Crypto Token

The WiG project will be accompanied by a Crypto Token (coin) minted for this event known as the “MyWiG” token. Those attending Aqua Miami 2022 can register their Web-3 crypto wallets by scanning a QR code displayed next to the sculpture. During the art fair users will receive a free drop of the “MyWiG” crypto-coins commemorating the work’s debut. These coins will be tradeable on various crypto-token exchanges.


In this show, the artist responds to the onslaught of fear and uncertainty brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

These kinetic works, characterized by a lyrical dynamism, exude a spirit of celebration, vitality, and hope that is echoed throughout the show.

Vortex, Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 30" 08/11/21


"Frida y Benito", Artist & Me Series, 06/19/20, 40"x30"

Artist Bio

Benito Esquenazi, originally from Santiago, Cuba, has a studio practice rooted

in drawing and painting and is venturing into performance, sculpture, and interactive mediums.

Esquenazi attended Pratt Institute graduating 1984, and then established a studio in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Where painting, drawing, and street art were his preferred mediums.

Participating in various artist community events and exhibitions on the Lower East Side, Benito curated a New York-Miami Exchange Exhibit in 1986 and founded one of the first galleries in NYC’s Lower East Side in 1995. During this time, he worked on several murals in

South Florida.

Esquenazi paused his studio practice for 20 years to get an MBA, develop a career in Tech, and support & raise 5 children. He shares some experiences of being a dad and an artist in those times in his blog post “Mystery Car Ride.”

Resuming his studio practice in 2015, Esquenazi began a current body of work drawing inspiration from spirituality, modernism, and the figure.

By bringing personal and communal experiences into his paintings, Esquenazi’s work is at once individual and cooperative. Since 2020, he has been exhibiting his work in both virtual and physical spaces.

In 2021 Benito began to incorporate performance into his practice, creating 500 drawings in one public 32 hour sitting titled "The Lincoln Road 500.”

Esquenazi also recently produced the performance "Dance of the Drawings" based on his drawings coming to life, which premiered as a solo show during Art Week Miami 2021, at the JCC, Schwartz- Jacobs Gallery.

The Aqua exhibition provides a window

for viewers to peer into Esquenazi's

dynamic practice and psyche.

The show opens November 30th and runs through December 4th and is located at 1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL,

For information and updates:

  • Follow "Atelier Benito" on Instagram @atelier_benito

  • Contact via email: .

Aqua Art Miami 2022,

1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, USA


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