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Joy of Life - Project / Press Release

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Three Integrated Projects to be realized by Art Week 2021

On October 16 Cuban-American, Miami native Benito Esquenazi will create 500 drawings in one sitting. This work of public performance-art will take place in the Euclid Oval on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida, starting at 9:00 pm.

Following the “Lincoln Road 500" on November 30th, Esquenazi will have a solo exhibition of his recent works at the Miami Beach JCC.

The JCC exhibition titled "The Joy of Life" is a retrospective of Esquenazi's last 20 months of work. It will explore the pandemic's transformational effect on society.

We have all experienced collective anxiety, isolation, social and political unrest, unity, family, and subsequent aspirational joy we seek following our post-pandemic experience. "The Joy of Life" exhibit captures this arc.

The opening reception for his exhibit at the JCC will include the live premiere of a dance performance based on Esquenazi's drawings titled "The Joy of Life - Dance of the Drawings." The performance, produced and co-directed by Esquenazi is choreographed by Pioneer Winter. Olga Saretsky is the costume designer, and Juraj Kojs is the composer for the performance.

The “Lincoln Road 500”, "The Joy of Life" exhibition, and “Dance of the Drawings” are an integrated expression of our shared journey as global citizens. All three elements express the arc of experience over the last 20 months.


The “Joy of Life - Dance of the Drawings” Creative Team. Photo by Kanu Ford

From left to right Juraj Kojs-Composer, Olga Saretsky-Costume Designer, Pioneer Winter-Choreographer, Benito Esquenazi-Artist. (October 2021)


Photo by Moshe Esquenazi

Benito in his NJ studio. (Spring 2020)

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