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The WiG

for MyWiG Crypto-Token AirDrop
You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold
Featured in the lobby of Aqua Art Miami 2022, Nov. 30 - Dec. 4, 2022

The interactive sculpture, “You are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold” (endearingly called “The WiG” by the artist) is the only sculpture in the artist’s “Joy of Life” series. This work inspires the reminder that “...a life of joy begins with self-love & self-acceptance.”

When a person steps on "The WiG," the system captures the price of gold in that instant, and translates the person's weight to their worth in gold.


The intrinsic message is that a person's “whole (or sum) is greater than their parts.” Or stated another way, "You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold."


Making this a "Body Positivity Transformation Machine.” Esquenazi says.

MyWiG Crypto Token

The WiG project will be accompanied by a Crypto Token (coin) minted on the Polygon network for this event known as the “MyWiG” token.

Each token released during this project will have an associated fractionalized NFT that accompanies the MyWiG token. The image of the NFT to be fractionalized and associated to the crypto-currency being released as part of this exhibition is displayed above.


 The "MyWiG" crypto-token will be AirDropped to users that register their crypto-wallet to the project after the opening of the debut exhibition by registering their MetaMask crypto wallet.

Follow this web page for the link to register the "MyWiG" token airdrop

MyWiG Crypto Token
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