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Introducing... "The WiG"

Updated: May 23, 2023

“You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold” is an interactive sculpture endearingly called “The WiG” (Worth in Gold) by the artist, Benito Esquenazi.

"The WiG" is the only sculpture in the artist's "Joy of Life" series.

From a distance, “The WiG” appears to float above the floor on a bed of golden light. The sculpture sits in front of a wall poem titled “You Are Wonderful” comprised of positive affirmations of self-acceptance.

The poem blends into the background and becomes visible as a person approaches the sculpture. They will also hear the audio composition composed for this project emanating from "The WiG's" on board speakers.

These are some of the elements that create an environment for self-reflection. Enveloping the person in their interactive experience with this work of art.

When a person steps on “The WiG” scale, the onboard computer and related operating systems captures the price of gold at that instant and then converts the person’s weight to their worth in gold (WiG) expressed in US dollars. “The WiG” never displays the person’s weight

What the WiG Means to the Artist

For the artist, stepping onto a scale has negative connotations regarding how much weight they may have gained.

“The WiG” does not measure a person by their physical weight, it subverts the common experience of weighing oneself from an action with a negative connotation, to that with a positive connotation.

For the artist, this translates self-criticism into self-acceptance by understanding their value in gold. This experience of self-acceptance is why the artist refers to “The WiG” as a Body Positivity Transformation Machine

"The WiG" was also designed as a message to the artist's 10 year-old-self. Sharing encouragement to embrace with confidence a life full of joy. The dimensions of the work were defined with this concept mind.

The artist used the Golden Ratio to define the scale of this artwork.


The WiG Wall Words

"You Are Wonderful”, a poem by Ariela Esquenazi

The poem standing on the 8’x10’ frame behind “The WiG” was created to foster an environment of positivity for “The WiG” to sit in front of.

The poem reinforces the body positivity message of the “The WiG” that an individual is perfect just as they are.

As a person stands on “The WiG” they are enveloped with a message of positivity and acceptance.

Reinforcing that a person’s weight does not define them. Look into the mirror daily hand tell yourself:

  • You are Wonderful!

  • You are Fantastic!

  • You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold!


WiG Versions

This project will comprise a total of 8 "WiG" interactive sculptures when complete. The list of the "WiG" versions is provided below.

Artist Proof

The first is "The WiG Artist Proof". It was displayed during the artists 2021 solo exhibition "The Joy of Life" at the JCC\Miami Beach, Schwartz-Jacobs Gallery November 2021.

The "Artist Proof" version took less than three weeks to create from idea to realization.

This effort involved two teams of developers and was constructed using lawn furniture, a tv stand purchased on Amazon, and was painted with a gold spray paint purchased at the local hardware store.

As this version was being constructed Esquenazi began to conceptualize what the final version of "The WiG" might function and look like".

Within "The Joy of Life" exhibition, the WiG was situated at the end of a long gallery space that the viewers would walk towards as they walked through the exhibition.

As the viewers would walk past the art, they would walk towards "The WiG". When they encountered "The WiG", they discovered that they were worth more than their weight in gold.

To exit the exhibition they now had to retrace their steps, though now with this new experience.

The Wood WiG

Following the "Joy of Life" exhibition at the JCC, the artist made the commitment to realize the final production version of the interactive sculpture, "You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold".

Starting in December of 2021, the artist began designing the backend and frontend software design.

In February of 2022 the artist created the technical drawing that resulted in the final version.

He engaged with Paul Tolles, a builder to perform the engineering work for final version of "The WiG" and serve as the build project manager.

To perform this work Paul created what the artist endearingly calls "The Wood WiG". Which is a full scale model used to solve engineering design questions that took into account the placement of the internal components, electrical wiring, heat dissipation, etc. Resulting in a series of computer aided design drawings that were then used as build instructions, and to create the metal laser cutsheets to construct "The WiG".

The WiG” is fabricated of steel and aluminum which house an integrated electronic scale that is connected to an onboard computer, printer, and audio speakers, an encapsulated tv monitor, with embedded lighting underneath.

All of these details were worked out in "The Wood WiG".

Final Versions 1 through 5

Their will be five final versions of "The WiG". Each one will be perfect.

  • The final version of the "WiG" will be constructed of a steel painted gold and have a finish as perfect as a Jeff Koons sculpture.

  • The WiG will be user centric like a Steve Jobs product .

  • The WiG will radiate a message of self-acceptance and love like that of Deepak Chopra.

WiG Version 1 of 5 was finished November 2022 taking one year to complete. From conceptualization, design, engineering, construction, software development, painting and more by a team of talented artists, artisans, software developers and assistants that comprised Atelier Benito's efforts.

WiG version 1 took one year to complete.

Each version will be identical to each other. Meaning that any changes realized in version 2 through 5, will cause the exact same change to be reflected in earlier versions. That involves not only the software upgrades, but all physical and internal components.

"You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold" is targeted to realize 5 exact versions that will evolve as each version is constructed.

"The WiG" Fabrication

While the design and engineering of "The WiG" occured in Miami Beach, Florida; the fabrication of "The WiG" version 1 occured in Red Hook, Brooklyn by Max Heiges.

Leveraging his extensive experience in fabricating sculptures, Max and his shop realized the physical build of "The WiG".

Gold Version

The eighth & final version of the "You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold" project will be made of solid gold.

It will have the same capability and functionality as the final versions whose goal is to interact with people. Reiterating the body positivity transformation message, that a person is worth more than their weight in gold. Now more so with the gold version


The WiG – Audio Composition, “Golden Light”

…composer Juraj Kojs, produced by Benito Esquenazi

“Golden Light” is the audio composition that is part of the sensory experience of “The WiG”. It envelops the sculpture and all users that enter its space with a reflective, warm and expansive composition.

Juraj’s composition is partially inspired by the French-American composer Edgar Varese, who composed "Density 21.5" for solo flute as a tribute to his own platinum flute -- 21.5 references the approximate density of platinum.

“Golden Light” Harmonic Frequency:

Varese’s composition influenced "In "Golden Light," where the density of gold (estimated at 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter) serves as basis for musical exploration. The value 19.3 was mapped to frequency of 19.3Hz, which is a musical note E-flat 0. The music is thus composed to manifest the harmonic spectra built on this fundamental frequency.

Golden Ratio

The golden ratio, denoted by Greeks as ϕ or τ (approximately 1.618), governs the temporal development of music. The thirty-minute track is thus divided into 3 sections: 0-11:28, 11:28-18:32 and 18:32-30:00. 18:32 is the golden section of 30 minutes, and 11:28 is the golden mean of 18:32.

Thus, gold is everywhere!

Explore "The WiG" audio composition "Golden Light" by following the QRC or the previous link to Spotify.

Juraj Kojs explores the fields of music, sound art, poetry, mixed media, multimedia, theater and technologies as a maker and performer.

Juraj was also the composer for the dance conceived and produced by Benito Esquenazi titled “Dance of the Drawings” that was choreographed and directed by Pioneer Winter with costume design by Olga Saretsky.

Juraj is the director of the Miami-based Foundation for Emerging Technologies and Arts (FETA). As well as the Professor of Professional Practice at University of Miami’s Frost School of Music.


Use of the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical calculation of proportions utilized to create synthetic beauty. The Golden Ratio is inherent and observable in nature.

The Golden Ratio has also been utilized throughout "The WiG" design. The areas where this design construct is found includes the:

Physical Structure:

  • The height of the sculpture was defined by calculating the proportions from the width.

  • The location of the label slot on the column was defined by applying the golden ratio calculation to the height of the piece.

Soundscape Audio Piece:

  • The audio composition "Golden Light" movements have been defined by using the Golden Ratio.

Front-End Animation:

  • The "Fibonacci Retracement" utilizes the Golden Ratio to define resistance and support bands against the 30 day gold trading price. "The WiG" utilizes the Fibonacci Retracement to define colors of the 30 day trend line visible in the motion graphics display.


  • Each of the 8 WiGs will have 1,618,000 unique to the version "MyWiG" crypto-tokens associated to them. Inspired by the golden ratio proportion of 1.618.


"The WiG" Operating Systems

Two software teams worked behind the scene that enable "The WiG" to function as it does. The teams were defined by the functionality they were working on, primarily the back-end processing and front-end user functionality and display.

Back-End Operating System

The back-end operating system was created by Shani Holdengreger in Israel from the use case designs created by the artist.

The back-end operating system is triggered into action when a user steps on the integrated digital scale in the base of "The WiG", where it reaches out to a gold price service via an API to capture the price of gold at that moment.

The back-end operating system then converts the person's weight to the their worth in gold.

Immediately printing the label from "The WiG's" integrated thermal printer with the users worth in gold.

The label exits from the slot located on "The WiG's" column facing the viewer.

The QR code on the physical label/sticker provides a link to the person's digital sticker. Allowing them to screenshot the image and save their digital copy, or post it to their social media.

While the title of this work is "You Are Worth More Than Your Weight in Gold", the physical and digital labels both state on the first line "I Am Worth More Than My Weight in Gold". Personalizing the experience for the person.

Front-End Operating System Motion Graphics:

The front-end operating system for the Proof of Concept-WiG was developed by Ovadia Esquenazi. Ovadia also validated that the Fibonacci Retracement values could influence gold's closing price which is an element of "The WiG's" front-end operating system.

All the development work for "The WiG" final version 1 of 5 front-end operating system was performed by Vikash Kumar and his team of developers in India.

When not in use the front-end operating system displays motion graphics constructed by Vikash and his team based on the artist's design principles.

"The WiG" front-end operating system has multiple layers which include:

  • The animation layer displays falling golden light raining down in continuous wave patterns. As the images flow forward, they transform into a molten gold like essence. Exploring the boundary between art and life as they aspire to break out into our physical space.

  • On top of the animation layer is a dynamic trend chart displaying the last 30 days of the gold closing price.

  • Also on top of the animation layer is a dynamic particle pattern animation influenced by the 30 days of gold trading volume as expressed by this data set

  • Visible on top of the animation graphics is a banner that identifies the name of the artwork, exhibition where it is being displayed, and QRC links for additional information

The 30 day gold closing price trend line is dynamically constructed every evening and is assigned colors based on how the gold trading price plots against the Fibonacci Retracement resistance and support bands.

30 Day Gold Closing Price Trend (Trend Line Color)

  • Each night at 12:01 am the WiG front-end operating system captures the last 30 day’s gold trading price.

  • Adding it to the trend chart table where “The WiG” retains the last 30 days of gold’s trading price.

  • “The WiG” front-end operating system then plots each day’s closing price.

  • “The WiG’s” frontend operating system then identifies gold’s high and low price over that 30 day set of data.

  • “The WiG’s” front end operating system using the Fibonacci Retracement factors, then maps out 6 Fibonacci Retracement resistance & support bands.

  • Each Fibonacci Retracement band is assigned a color within the front-end administration panel.

  • Price points that land on specific Fibonacci Retracement bands inherit the assigned color they are mapped to.

Trend Line: Fibonacci Retracement Banding Color Assignment

The color assignment to the Fibonacci Retracement bands follows the linear path of primary and secondary colors relationships.

30 Day Gold Trading Volume

  • Each night at 12:01 am the WiG Operation System captures the last day’s gold trading volume.

  • The WiG retains the last 30 days of gold’s trading volume.

  • The trading value is then calculated to influence the color and number of floating particles that comprise “The WiG’s” animation graphics.

Atelier Benito, “The WiG” project Team

The nature of the project as conceived by the artist Benito Esquenazi (Atelier Benito) required collaboration of diverse skillsets involving various artists, artisans and trade skills.

The realization of “The WiG” involved construction engineers, art fabrication, various software development skill sets, industrial painting, music composers, poets, metal workers, social media consultants, copy writers, carpenters, administrators, and more

Each individual contributed significantly to this project making it greater than the sum of its parts. Providing their expertise and vision, each person was instrumental in realizing the artist vision that resulted in "The WiG".

These people have the artist's deep appreciation and respect.

"The WiG" credits are:

  • Engineer / Physical Build Project Manager / Electrical / Technical Drawings: Paul Tolles

  • Sculptor and Fabricator: Maxwell Heiges

  • Backend Operating System: Shani Helgenberger

  • Frontend Operating System: Vikash Kumar

  • Proof of Concept – Frontend Operating System: Ovadia Esquenazi

  • Music Composition: Juraj Kojs

  • Poet, Wall Words: Ariela Esquenazi

  • Software Operational & Development Support: David Mendelovits

  • Commercial Painter: Jesse Thoreson

  • Artist: Benito Esquenazi


"The WiG" - Crypto Strategy

MyWiG Token

"The WiG" project is accompanied by a Crypto coin specifically created for this project called the, "MyWiG" token on the Polygon network.

Each of the eight physical versions of "The WiG" will have an accompanying 1,618,000 (golden ratio number) MyWiG tokens associated to it.

There will also be 1 commemorative NFT that will be fractionalized and associated to each of the "MyWiG" tranche of crypto-tokens .

There will also be a limited number of video NFT's per physical version that reflect key historical 30 day periods of gold trading price fluctuations and volatility. Using a two minute loop generated by "The WiG's" motion graphics video engine.

Example of NFT image for WiG ver, 1 of 5

Association of MyWiG token to fractionalied specific version NFT

The eight NFT images shall be associated to one of the specific eight physical WiG versions. The associated NFT image shall be fractionalized and linked to one of the available 1,618,000 tokens made available for the physical WiG version.

Doing this uniquely identifies the 1,618,000 MyWiG tokens to the specific sculpture.

Where by a person may own various MyWiG tokens in their crypto-wallet. Where these tokens may be associated to one of eight different physical WiG versions as identified via the fractional NFT associated to their MyWiG crypto token.

Non-Fractionalized NFTs

"The WiG's" front-end operating system animation engine has the capability to dynamically process gold's 30 day closing prices and trading volume.

Programatically there is facility within "The WiG" to set a historical 30 day period of time , allowing "The WiG" animation engine to create a unique video animation for that period.

Through this capability, each version of "The WiG" shall have 8 historical 2-minute animations referencing key moments in gold's trading price. Time frames for these animations will be selected by their intersect with global or financial historical events influencing volatility in the gold market at that time.


A percentage of the MyWiG tokens will be allocated to the buyer of the WiG version. Another percentage will also be available to airdrop during a significant exhibition of that WiG version. The remaining portion will remain with the artist to support the project.

When capitalized, the MyWiG crypto-tokens will be traded on select peer-to-peer crypto-token exchanges.


View Benito Esquenazi's current online exhibit of 6 paintings from his "Joy of Life" series in his an online exhibition with Lauren Powell Projects.


WiG Photos From the Archive


"You Are Worth More Than Your Weigh in Gold ", YouTube playlist


Message from the artist:

"The WiG" has many layers and is a project that is constantly evolving.

Please subscribe to the artist's web site and follow the artist's Instagram account for future updates.

Thank you for following Atelier Benito.

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